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16oz raw/unfiltered wildflower honey with comb

16oz raw/unfiltered wildflower honey with comb


Everything you love about our 16oz wildflower honey, plus comb. We go to great lengths to be able to provide our comb products year round while ultimately doing what is most important... keeping the bees healthy. Aside from the amazing benifits of the honey, comb adds a few superfood like advantages to your diet. Comb can help prevent against infections such as E. coli, promote overall gut health, and provide you with a great source of additional nutrients due to the contect of royal jelly and propolis. 


(Shippable product)

All of our shippable products are currently sent heavily cushioned in a first class priority 2-day shipping box. Due to the fact that we are 100% in house with extracting, bottling, labeling, shipping and handling, please allow up to a 1-2 day packing period before items are shipped. 

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